Don't be ordinary, Be Exotic.

About Us

What We Offer

  • Bespoke VRChat Avatars & Textures

  • Affordable commissions starting at just $40

  • Complete customization including texturing and body modifications

  • Clear and transparent pricing structure

Our Approach

  • We're passionate about what we do, so rest assured knowing that what you will receive will be the best in Quality

  • We're transparent with our pricing and we always will be. We believe that the customer should know of all labor costs and fees before attempting to collect.


ServiceIncludesBase Cost¹
Avatar Texture• Custom handcrafted texture$60
Unity Avatar Build• Ready-to-upload VRC avatar
• Custom toggles / animations²
Full Avatar Package• Bespoke texture
• Ready-to-upload VRC avatar
• Quest-compatible Avatar³
Avatar Blender Edits⁴• Custom FBX edits
• From-scratch object creation
• Object additions (piercings, clothing, etc)

¹ Cost is usually represented as a flat rate, however complexity of projects may change the effective cost of a service. Any changes in cost will be communicated with the client. Anything with the "/hr" designation is an hourly rate.² Toggles / animations are priced based on the number of items to toggle / animate. This does not include the base cost of and manual clothing additions.³ Quest compatibility is dependent on the original avatar. Some avatars have pre-built Quest versions where you simply need to transfer all materials and texures over before upload. However, some avatars do not have Quest versions, which requires a conversion from PC to Quest. Remember that Quest versions are often slimmed-down versions of their PC counterpart.⁴ Work done in Blender is dependent on the complexity of the project. Client will be notified if something simply cannot be done due to a technical limitation or other circumstance.

Terms of Service


  • Refunds are only available under extreme circumstances.

  • Examples include refund requests before work initiation.

  • Once work begins, refunds are generally not available.

  • Clients may request refunds at any time.

  • Clients breaking the Terms of Service are ineligible for refunds.


  • All prices are in USD.

  • Clients are responsible for currency conversion.

Refusal of Service

  • We reserve the right to refuse services at our discretion.


  • All payments through PayPal.

  • Invoices will be sent with project quotes.

  • Payment upon receipt initiates work.

Work Queue

  • Commissions are handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • For multiple commissions, a queue is formed.

  • Track commission status at Queue Link.

By commissioning Anthro Exotics, you agree to these Terms of Service.

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Email: [email protected]
Discord: Delonius


Email: [email protected]
Discord: Wzyss

Inquiries: [email protected]